The Team

Jeff Umbro

Jeff Umbro is the host of Writers Who Don’t Write and the proprietor of the Podglomerate. 

Chris Boniello

Chris Boniello is a video and audio producer for clients that include VICE, Nike, Sotheby’s, ESPN and more.

Matthew Horton

Matthew Horton is the host of Status. 

Ches Hall

Ches Hall is the host of +7 Intelligence and an engineer at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.  

Kyle Craner

Kyle Craner is a host and producer of Writers Who Don’t Write and a professional video developer. 

Spring Cooper

Spring is a cohost of The Sex Wrap and an Associate Professor at CUNY School of Public Health. 

Laura Carlson

Laura Carlson is the Executive Producer & Host of The Feast. She is a medievalist and food historian with degrees from the University of Toronto and Oxford University and for the past five years she’s taught history and classics at Queen’s University in Ontario. 

Andrew Porter

Andrew is a cohost of The Sex Wrap and an Assistant Professor of Public Health and an award-winning teacher at the University of Miami. 

Mike Portt

Mike Portt is the Technical Producer of The Feast. He is an IT professional by day and obsesses about sound at night.  

Serge Sushchik

Serge Sushchik is a host of Future Break and a lover of all things tech. 

Peder Aadahl

Peder Aadahl is a host of Future Break. He often dreams of the future mostly in a positive light and is a lover of productive technology with a flair for the dramatic. 

Ryan Dann

Ryan Dann is a score composer and general lover of sounds based in Brooklyn, NY.