Who Are We?

The Podglomerate is a company that produces, distributes, monetizes, and nurtures podcasts. In addition to the conception, development, and production of podcasts - both with brands and independently - we help structure publicity and marketing campaigns to bring attention to new podcasts. This may include cross promotion, paid ads, retailer partnerships, publicity and marketing campaigns, and influencer campaigns, among other initiatives. Once we've created a podcast we're proud of and brought the production an audience, we also help monetize the show through our partnerships with agencies and brands.

Jeff Umbro

Jeff Umbro


Jeff Umbro is the CEO of The Podglomerate and specializes in brand partnerships, business development, and growth campaigns.

Chris Boniello

Chris Boniello


Chris Boniello is the Creative Director for The Podglomerate, and comes from the world of video and audio production for clients that include VICE, Nike, Sotheby’s, ESPN and more.

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Frank Fay walked so Bob Hope could run.

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My friend loves comedy. He loves the new @histofstandup podcast. So forget what I have to say about it - take his word. Get it in your ears immediately.

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