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Prolific, bestselling, multi-genre author Hugh Howey took me on a walk through the writer’s process. Mr. Howey is the well-known author of Wool, and his self-published dystopian “Silo Series,” that has sold over two million copies worldwide. His books have been optioned for film and TV by well-known Hollywood director Ridley Scott and Heroes creator Tim Kring respectively. He has been a fierce advocate for self-publishing authors and even inked a rare print-only contract with major publishers to retain the electronic rights to his early works. Hugh is a tireless proponent for the pure craft of writing, and he has built an intensely loyal following. As he prepares to sail around the globe on his catamaran, Hugh took a time out from his busy schedule to talk with me on a short walk. In this file Hugh Howey and I discuss: The Importance of Starting Each Day the Right Way Why You Need to Learn to Hit Publish from Anywhere How to Alleviate Your Natural Self-Doubts Why Writing is Like Exercise How Writers Can Fine Tune Their Creativity Where the True Magic of Writing Springs From Why You Should Be a Tourist in Your Own Town The Show Notes Hugh Howey on Amazon The Five Tibetans Hugh Howey on Twitter Kelton Reid on Twitter Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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