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Introducing Trail Weight

Hey! I’m dropping in today to share with you a new show from the Podglomerate called Trail Weight. After 30 years of feeling stuck, Andrew Steven attempted to get in shape for a month-long backpacking trip through the Sierra Nevadas. Looking at his career for inspiration, Andrew finds an unlikely

#53: Bijan Stephen [Internet Culture]

Bijan Stephen is a writer, editor, and video correspondent based in Brooklyn, NY. He covers Twitch and Streaming at The Verge and a music critic at The Nation. Independently, he co-hosts a show on Twitch called One Time On The Internet, streams, and is a character on an actual play

#52: Cole Cuchna [Perseverance]

Cole Cuchna is the creator of Dissect, a serialized music podcast that examines a single album per season, one song per episode. Dissect was named “Best podcast of 2017” by Quartz, and the following year was named “Best podcast of 2018” by the New York Times.  In this episode, we

#51: Dickie Bush [Feedback Loops]

Dickie Bush is a macro investor and the creator of Ship 30 for 30, a community of writers developing a writing habit in 30 days. He is passionate about providing writers and creators with the tools, resources, processes, and mindsets required to find points of leverage and achieve exponential growth—both

#50: Nick DenBoer aka Smearballs [Personal Projects]

Nick DenBoer (also known as Smearballs) a director, animator, editor, music producer, remix artist and self-proclaimed “all around great guy.” With a following of 75,000 on Instagram and 25,000 subscribers on YouTube, Nick has worked with clients including Conan, deadmau5, KFC, Old Spice, Wieden + Kennedy, and more. Nick has an incredibly

#49: Corey Haines of Swipe Files [Strategy]

Corey Haines is the creator of Swipe Files, a membership site that provides content, community, and courses to help you master marketing. Corey curates marketing examples, copywriting help, and more through his newsletter, membership community, and podcast. In this episode we talk about Corey’s five pillars of Growth, how he

#48: Rosie Sherry [Trust]

Rosie Sherry is the creator of Rosieland, a community and resource hub for community builders. She previously led community for Indie Hackers, a community of more than 140,000 independent makers. In this episode we talk about Rosie’s history of building community with Ministry of Testing, what she learned through her

BONUS: Building Community and Being Acquired (Indie Hackers)

In this bonus episode, I’m talking with Courtland Allen, the founder of Indie Hackers. As I’ve shared a couple times over the last few months, my accelerator and community Unreal Collective was acquired by Smart Passive Income in January of this year. I wrote an article about the acquisition, and

[REPLAY] #10: Amy Landino [Routine]

Amy Landino is the creator of the award-winning series AmyTV and author of the best-selling book Vlog Like a Boss; How to Kill It Online With Video Blogging. With nearly 400K YouTube subscribers and over 23 million views, Amy has empowered people from over 100 countries all over the world

#47: Lalese Stamps [Tenacity]

Lalese Stamps is a ceramicist and the founder of Lolly Lolly Ceramics, a small-scale ceramics production and design studio. Since undertaking a 100 day project at the end of 2019, Lolly Lolly Ceramics has grown to more than 100K followers on Instagram. In this episode we talk about Lalese’s start

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