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You've Been Lied to About "Work/Life Balance"

On today’s episode we chat with Adii Pienaar who recently published a book titled Life Profitability: The New Measure of Entrepreneurial Success. As someone who’s very motivated by the lifestyle that freelancing and entrepreneurship can offer, I was intrigued when I first learned about Adii’s book. So today, Clay and

Do Clients Treat You Like an Expert? or Employee?

On today’s episode, we have a conversation with Matt Essam who helps freelancers attract and find their dream clients. Have you ever felt like you are more of an employee than a partner when it comes to your client relationships? Maybe you feel like you don’t have any creative input

Collabs vs. Hiring

On today’s show, we check in with Margaret Ryland. Now, if that name sounds familiar, that’s because Margaret joined us originally on Season 8 to talk about her branding and design business. Since we last talked, Margaret has had some luck on collaborating with other creatives, but is still struggling

12 Mo. of Revenue in 30 Days

On today’s show, it’s just Preston and Clay. That’s because in early January, Preston asked Clay how things were looking for the new year and his response was something like: “I’ve already hit my 6 month revenue goal.” Yeah, it was January 7th. NUTS! A couple weeks later—Before January was

Less Convincing, More Closing.

On today’s episode we have a coaching call with Shelley, who works in the music industry—which can be a tough gig right now, but Shelley is making it work. There’s just a small problem with her principal business—booking artists into venues. Getting clients to understand the value Shelley brings to

Are You Stuck in "Create" Mode?

On today’s show, we have a chat with Erica who, frankly, intimidates both Clay and me. That’s because Erica is working with some of the brightest people in the world to solve some of the biggest problems faced by humanity. But despite working with some incredible clients and solving some

3 Ways to "Spy" on Your Ideal Client

3 Ways to Spy on Your Target Audience  On today’s episode, we have a coaching call with Nikolai—a freelance Webflow developer living and working in New Zealand. Nikolai’s entire freelance business completely turned around when he decided to focus exclusively on Webflow, showcasing the power of finding your niche as

Leader vs. Entrepreneur

On today’s episode, we have a great coaching call with Andrea, who’s growing her agency—helping companies get the most out of the popular marketing software, Hubspot.  Andrea has hired contractors to help grow her business in the past and just a month before this conversation, Andrea hired her first full-time

Are You Optimizing for Profit?

On today’s episode, we chat with Yusef who’s building his own small product design agency. Yusef’s got a lot going for him: he’s got great cashflow, he’s getting new clients regularly, and he enjoys the work he’s doing. But when it comes to the most profitable projects in his business,

Getting Out of Your Own Way

In today’s episode, we chat with an up-and-coming agency-builder, Maddie. And during our conversation we come up against one of the most common issues hold many of us back: Getting out of our own way. The thing is, Maddie is extremely bright. She’s got a lot of great things going.

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