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Workplace Confessionals: "Ethical Dilemma" & "A little porn-y" with Jay Clause

What happens when your freelance client wants you to cross a line you’re not comfortable crossing? Or when a freelance client uses your work in unintended and nefarious ways? We discuss these confessions with Jay Clause, host of Creative Elements podcast. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Product Journeys: Earth Class Mail & Flikshop UPDATES!

Season 9 of featured a lot of great stories, however, two stood out to us and we wanted to put together a follow up to find out what has happened since we first aired. Earth Class Mail, the early 2000’s startup that was featured on it’s own reality TV

Product Journeys: The history of Podcasts

How meta is this?! From the first audio broadcast on the internet to the explosion of Serial, we explore the history of the Podcasting medium in our season finale. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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