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The Communication Skills We Didn't Learn in School

On this week’s episode of ShrinkChicks, Emmalee and Jen give us a glimpse into the communication skills we didn’t learn in school. We are ALL sometimes bad communicators, even two couples therapists. They highlight a portion of their Making The Most Of Your Marriage e-course: communication. Em and Jen take

Purity Culture Dropout with Erica Smith, M.Ed.

Today on ShrinkChicks, Emmalee and Jen are joined by the amazing Erica Smith, M.Ed., sex educator and creator of the Purity Culture Dropout Program. Erica educates us all on purity culture and what it looks like in our world today. They discuss Erica’s path to becoming a sex educator and the

What To Do When The World Is On Fire

Spoiler alert: there’s no magic trick. After a few weeks of guests, today’s episode of ShrinkChicks is just with Em and Jen! They give us an update on their lives and some things they’ve been facing, personally. They discuss how the world is on fire! And with that, the false sense

WTF is a Pelvic Floor with Gina Cunningham

Welcome to Pelvic Floor Health 101! This week on ShrinkChicks, Emmalee and Jen are joined by Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, Gina Cunningham. She clues us in to what a pelvic floor actually is and why pelvic floor health matters. Gina explains the reasons why someone might need pelvic floor physical

Being a Nurse is F*cking Hard with Katie Duke

Trigger Warning: death and serious illness. Healthcare workers are on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic and the stories shared in this episode, from an inside, firsthand perspective, are heavy and potentially triggering.  On today’s episode of ShrinkChicks, Emmalee and Jen have a powerful conversation with Katie Duke, who worked

Feeling Our Feelings with Scout Sobel

This week on ShrinkChicks, Emmalee and Jen sit down with Scout Sobel (@scoutsobel): co-host of the Okay Sis Podcast, host of SCOUT Podcast, founder of Scout’s Agency and most recently an author! They discuss Scout’s diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder, why the diagnosis felt so isolating, and how it impacted her especially

Challenging the Stories We Tell Ourselves About Ourselves

Today on ShrinkChicks, Emmalee and Jen discuss a type of therapy called Narrative Therapy. They explain what Narrative Therapy is, how it’s used with clients, and how we can begin to challenge the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves. They talk about where these stories can originate, the roles we take

Social Media's Affect on Our Mental Health

On this week’s episode of ShrinkChicks, Emmalee and Jen dive into the topic of social media and the apps we spend so much time on. They discuss the positives and negatives of social media, comparing ourselves to someone else’s highlight reel, the things that exist beyond the highlight reel, why

Parts of Ourselves that are Healed vs. The Parts that are Still Healing

Today on ShrinkChicks, Emmalee tells Jen two stories from her weekend that Jen is hearing for the first time on air. Hint: you won’t believe them, either! In processing these stories, Emmalee and Jen discuss how some parts of ourselves can feel healed while others can feel like a work

How To Stay Connected To Friends Through Different Life Stages

In this week’s episode of ShrinkChicks, Emmalee and Jen answer the question: what do you do when your friends are in a different stage of life than you? Such as being the only mom in your group of friends, the only single friend, the only married friend, the only childfree

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