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EP126. What Is Gentle Parenting? And, What Is It Not? With Rachael Rogers

EP126. Rachael Rogers is a Momma Mentor and TikTok sensation! In this episode she explains what gentle parenting is, what it is not, why respecting children and, understanding their triggers is important. She also explains her considerate conversation formula which is a five-step guide to talk children from chaos to

EP125. Pets & Babies: The Struggles & The Guilt

EP125. Every time Renee posts a TikTok about how her dogs irritate her since having her son, people seem outraged. Well, it’s incredibly difficult to have high maintenance pets and a baby. In this episode she talks about the struggles of having high maintenace pets and a baby! Renee will

EP123. Q&A with Renee

EP123. Renee is answering your questions! Did they sleep train Milo? Does Milo get time-outs? How is her sister’s fertility journey going? And more! Of course you can expect honest and candid answers. Buckle up! RENEE REINA Instagram: @themomroompodcast | @reneereina_ The Mom Room Shop TikTok: @reneereina_ Facebook Community

EP121. Essentialism & Minimalism

EP121. Renee read a book and watched a documentary and now she is inspired! In this episode, she dives into what essentialism and minimalism are, how she is trying to be more of an essentialist and minimalist, and what the benefits have been of both.  Book: Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit

EP120. One With Sarah Nicole Landry of The Birds Papaya

EP120. Sarah and Renee cover it all in this episode. The inevitable demise of the dining room table, motherhood in her 20’s vs. 30’s, the variables in motherhood we should all be considering, mom guilt, and more!  “Our dining room table seats 14 people because we love to host Christmas

EP119. What does having a balanced life mean?

EP119. For over a year Renee has just been adding and adding and adding to her plate. She finally sat down and wrote a NOT-TO-DO list in hopes that she will have more time to focus on what’s important to her. She is always looking to add things to her

EP118. Tour Bus Life, Formula, and Couples Therapy, with Hayley Hubbard

EP118. Hayley Hubbard is the co-founder of Meaning Full Living, mom of three, and wife of recording artist, Tyler Hubbard. In this episode Renee and Hayley talk tour bus life and travelling with toddler, having partners with incredibly busy careers, formula feeding, couples therapy, and phone addiction. This one is

EP117. Baby & Toddler Things: What's Worth the Money and What Isn't

EP117. Renee tells us what products she actually found useful when Milo was a baby and what she finds useful now that he is a toddler. She talks strollers, high-chairs, carseats, etc. Find out what products she spend a ton of money on that ended up not being worth it!

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