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Sisterly Dynamics and Podcasting Pet Peeves with Okay Sis

Episode 127: The sisters behind the Okay Sis podcast are finally in the building… well, virtually at least! Scout and Mady, the co-hosts of Okay Sis, are absolutely hilarious sisters IRL and are bringing their top notch banter and business know-how to this week’s episode. Natalie is welcomed as an honorary third

Breaking the Therapist Mold and Going Beyond the Highlight Reel with the ShrinkChicks

Summary    Episode 126: Therapy is getting a total makeover as the infamous and highly esteemed ShrinkChicks join Natalie for a serious dose of real talk that challenges the traditional model of what therapy should look like. Emmalee Bierly and Jennifer Chaiken are two relatable and hilarious licensed marriage and family therapists that are shattering the

Influencer Marketing and the Power of Blogging with Jamie Stone

Episode 123: Open up Sephora on your browser because your cart is about to be filled with beauty must haves! OG beauty blogger and influencer marketing manager Jamie Stone joins Natalie to share the inside scoop on building an audience online whether you’re a brand or an influencer. Jamie started

Shifting Your Mindset and Focusing on Your Why with Nicole Rosé

Episode 122: The reality TV theme continues this week as Natalie welcomes Nicole Rosé to the podcast. Grab a pen and notebook because this episode is filled with simple yet effective tools that will shift your mindset starting today. Learn how to get crystal clear on your values and discover tips for manifesting your

Intentional Podcasting and Connecting to Your Purpose

Episode 120: Today’s episode is all about the feels over reels. From morning routines to daily gratitude practices to finding your purpose to podcasting with intention, there are only good vibes shared on the mic. Natalie welcomes Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik from the Almost 30 podcast to discuss transitioning from your 20s

Eliminating the Sunday Scaries and Full-Time Networking with Emily Duong

Episode 119: Entrepreneur extraordinaire, DJ, and designer Emily Duong is back for another inspirational conversation about quitting your 9 to 5 and the tools you need to actually pull it off. From Parkinson’s Law to the 80:20 rule to work life “balance,” Emily and Natalie share insights, stories, and a

Chasing Skincare Dreams and Finding Self-Acceptance with Emily DiDonato

Episode 118: Model, skincare expert, entrepreneur, and one of the famous faces of Maybelline, Emily DiDonato, joins Natalie for a down-to-earth conversation that touches on the challenges of becoming a model at such a young age and discovering talents she never knew she had. As the co-founder of Covey, Emily has found

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