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A WoMed Heart to Heart with D

In this special episode, D opens up about an unexpected year, a new career trajectory, and the future of the WoMed.  To check out The WoMed necklaces head to  Plus, be sure to subscribe, rate, and review, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @TheWoMed. Remember to submit your weekly Nurse D Energy moments to

A Medical Mystery & Patient Advocacy with Mackenzie Kimes, MSN, RN, CPN

This week on the WoMed we take a journey with Mackenzie Kimes, certified pediatric nurse and nurse educator. While we touch on her admirable career, this episode largely focuses on her harrowing journey as a pediatric patient, trying desperately to get answers to complicated health problems. Ultimately, her journey made her the

Science, Not Science Fiction; Discovering Prosthetics with Lisa Morgan

This week D is joined by O&P’s 2019 Women of the Year and CEO of Innovative Prosthetics, Lisa Morgan. Lisa teaches us all about the world of prosthetics, starting with her surprising start to her career. D and Lisa dive into it all, including cost, insurance, and mechanics. Lisa shares

Mental Health and Matcha Lattes with Dr. Vania Manipod

You’re in for an amazing conversation this week as we are joined by a wonderful psychiatrist, Dr. Vania Manipod. D and Vania touch on a wide range of topics, including International Women’s Day, social media, and the perfect matcha latte! D opens up about her struggles with comparing herself to others

Mother Wit with Certified Nurse Midwife Tanya Tringali

This week on the WoMed, we have the pleasure of hearing from our first ever certified nurse midwife, Tanya Tringali! Tanya discusses midwifery school, distanced education programs, and the vast range of care midwives offer. She also shares the need for continuing education for older midwives to ensure they can offer

Do You Believe in Magic? with Dr. Raven Bradley

This week on the WoMed, we have our first chiropractor, Dr. Raven Bradley! She talks about the incredible moment that made her want to become a chiropractor, what the schooling is like, her favorite and least favorite part of the job, and advice for others looking to join the field. Y’all,

Speaking From the Heart with SLP Lauren Sharpe-Payne

This week, D is joined by medical speech-language pathologist Lauren Sharpe-Payne. She dives into why she became an SLP, the schooling required, and her favorite and least favorite parts of the job. Lauren and D discuss the white and female-dominated history of the field, but how that is beginning to

Crisis Assignments with Travel Nurse Beatris Gomez

This week on the podcast, D is joined by travel nurse Beatris Gomez who is currently on a crisis assignment battling COVID on the frontlines in Texas. In this episode, Beatris educates on and distinguishes between a travel assignment and a crisis assignment, and discusses how her transient career affects her relationship. She shares

Fighting for Answers with Trista Sutter

OG Bachelor fans, this one is for you. We have the first ever bachelorette, Trista Sutter! Did you know that Trista was a pediatric physical therapist? In this episode they discuss her career and why she quit practicing, patient advocacy, and the importance of healthcare professionals being open-minded to different types

Advocating for Yourself with FNP Shemeka Davis

This week on The WoMed, Danielle is joined by an old friend and coworker, Shemeka Davis! Shemeka now works as a family nurse practitioner in oncology. She discusses her path to oncology, why she wanted to become an FNP, and how she copes with the mortality rate in her new role. She also shares

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