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Ep. 02: Good Grief

What is more difficult, thru-hiking the Sierra or learning how to properly grieve? Andrew and Rocky process these questions as they reflect on Andrew’s mom’s death and the struggles of hiking. You can find Niall Breslin’s podcasts and more at For transcripts and more, visit Trail Weight is

Ep. 01: Act One

Andrew decides to hike over 200 miles through the Sierra Nevada Mountains as a catalyst for better health. Looking at his career for inspiration, he finds an unlikely revelation by thinking of his life as a story.  To learn more about Jamie Flam and Dynasty Typewriter, visit Check out

Introducing Trail Weight

After 30 years of feeling stuck, Andrew Steven attempted to get in shape for a month-long backpacking trip through the Sierra Nevadas. Looking at his career for inspiration, Andrew finds an unlikely revelation by imagining his life’s narrative arc. But after a death in the family, he found himself in

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