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Ep. 79: Richie & Lisa

New format, who dis? It’s Richie and Dr. Lisa ONLY on this episode to fill you in on their latest news! We Don’t Deserve Dogs is brought to you by: Embark is the highest-rated dog DNA test, and provides you with the resources to provide you and your vet the

Ep. 78: Neal Reddy

From Queer Eye’s infamous Fixing Sasquatch episode, it’s Neal Reddy! The IG famous comic talks about how his dog Forever has made him a better person (with a scary escape story to go with it). Dr. Lisa talks joint supplements in older dogs. Richie does what Richie does. We Don’t Deserve

Ep. 77: Tori Mistick

From the Wear Wag Repeat Podcast, it’s mother-of-Labradors Tori Mistick! Her blog is a fountain of info for pet owners, and we have an awesome conversation about rescuing a dog with special needs! Dr. Lisa talks seizures and Richie makes it weird, per usual. Order Richie’s new album today. We

Ep. 76: Christina Hunger

From the amazingly popular IG page @hunger4words, it’s speech/language pathologist Christina Hunger! You might know her as the lady that TAUGHT HER DOG TO TALK! She tells us all about her process and her upcoming book “How Stella Learned To Talk.” Dr. Lisa talks doggy diets and Richie judges Chloe for

Ep. 75: Stage 4 Clinger

From the incredible podcast Stage 4 Clinger, it’s Kate and Claudia Nicholls! Claudia is living with stage 4 breast cancer and her daughter Kate is helping her achieve her bucket list, plus Kate’s pitty Jolene is there along the way! Dr. Lisa talks leash aggression and Richie has questions about

Ep. 74: Ryan Beauchesne and Crusoe the Dachshund

It’s the international ladies man, @crusoe_dachshund! His dad, Ryan, talks about the joy of having the world’s most famous doxie!! We discuss IVDD and the DoggoRamp, Dr. Lisa talks elevated liver enzymes and how it’s being treated, and of course, Richie only wants to talk about green poop. Order Richie’s new

Ep. 73: The Derm Vet

She’s a super badass vet, the board certified veterinarian dermatologist known simply as The Derm Vet, it’s Dr. Ashley Bourgeouis! She’s one of the utmost authorities on animal skin health and Dr. Lisa asks HER questions about Chloe. Richie asks the same questions he would if he was 13 years

Introducing Table Flipping

In each episode of Table Flipping, star of Lil Dicky’s Dave Taylor Misiak and writer Alyssa Litman unpack the way women are portrayed on reality TV and gush about the characters, fashion choices and iconic blowups that occupy (probably) too much space in our brains. Previous episodes of Table Flipping

Ep. 72: Sarah Pribis

Actress and comedian, seen on Ellen and HQ Trivia, it’s Sarah Pribis! We have a hilarious conversation about taking a cat to the beach and the downside of getting your mom kitty underwear. Dr. Lisa talks itchy cats and Richie takes issue with the Dogs Of The TSA Calendar! Order

Ep. 71: Dr. Courtney Campbell

From Nat Geo Wild, it’s veterinary surgeon superstar Dr. Courtney Campbell! He’s a brilliant man with a lot to say! We talk about the deeper meaning of pet ownership in Black History and his hamster, Quarantina, plus Dr. Lisa and Dr. Courtney have a nerd off. Order Richie’s new album

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