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Ep. 70: Liz Miele

From Comedy Central, it’s the hilarious Liz Miele. She tells us all about growing up with TWO veterinarian parents… and her new book “Why Cats Are Assh*les!” Dr. Lisa talks arthritis in cats and Richie wants to pull the whiskers off her face. Order Richie’s new album today. We Don’t

Ep. 69: Yamaneika Saunders

From Netflix and Comedy Central, it’s the one and ONLY Yamaneika! We talk about her journey and struggles early in her comedy career and how her cat Forbes Magazine helped her on her way. Dr. Lisa talks about weaning kittens and Richie reminds Yam of “Yelling Girl!” Order Richie’s new

Ep. 68: Steph Tolev

From Comedy Central, it’s the Juno nominated comedian Steph Tolev! We have a hilariously not-family-friendly chat about her dog Susan’s Lady Parts. In a word, it was perfect! Dr. Lisa talks recessed vulvas and Richie learns a new safe sex technique. Order Richie’s new album today. We Don’t Deserve Dogs

Ep. 67: Mike Feeney

From The Irish Goodbye Podcast and Last Call With Carson Daily, it’s Mike Feeney! Mike is a great comic with a big heart and a rescue named Jeet that has a taste for bees! Dr. Lisa talks about his cat’s severe weight loss and Richie invents a HORRIBLE sport. Learn

Ep. 66: Joe Matarese

From America’s Got Talent, it’s comedian Joe Matarese! He talks about how his King Charles, Ozzy, helps him be a better version of himself. Dr. Lisa talks about problem-peeing and Richie gives Joe an anxiety test! Order Richie’s new album today. We Don’t Deserve Dogs is brought to you by: Betterhelp

Ep. 65: The Piggy Potatoes

From the greatest Guinea Pig IG account in the world, it’s Philip Appe`…aka @ThePiggyPotatoes!!! He tells how he fell in love with this wife and her guinea pigs, to become and official Pig Dad! Dr. Lisa gives us the GP vet tips and Richie learns a favorite new German pronunciation. Order Richie’s

Ep. 64: Dr. Dawn Kingsbury

From the cutting edge company Animal Biome, it’s Dr. Dawn Kingsbury DVM, PHD. She’s really REALLY smart and answers ALL of Dr. Lisa’s and Richie’s questions about poop…of which they have many! Order Richie’s new album today. We Don’t Deserve Dogs is brought to you by: Betterhelp is affordable, private

Ep. 63: Tyler Fischer

The hilarious actor and comedian Tyler Fischer and his service dog Fred! This was a funny and thought provoking episode, which of course went WAY off track! Dr. Lisa talks about her feet and Richie keeps it weird. Order Richie’s new album today. We Don’t Deserve Dogs is brought to

Ep. 62: Pigpen the Pittie

The celebrity dog Momanger of Pigpen The Pittie, it’s Samantha Cheirif! This amazing lady has fostered over 100 dogs and has fantastic advice for all of us. She asks Dr. Lisa about dog nips A LOT and Richie gets a special DM! Order Richie’s new album today. We Don’t Deserve

Ep. 61: Alexa Cepeda & Austin Scott

It’s the super animal loving couple Alexa Cepeda and Austin Scott! She’s an actor and playwright and he’s an actor that PLAYED HAMILTON IN HAMILTON! These two take us on a seriously animal filled trip down memory lane. Dr. Lisa drops some serious cat knowledge while Richie makes d*ck jokes. 

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