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Ep. 60: Kate Kennedy

From Be There In Five, it’s the hilarious Kate Kennedy! Hear all about her rumbling tumbling, chair stealing Shih Tzu Tugboat! It’s a great convo, including talking smack about dog owners we don’t like. Dr. Lisa talks about how she’d rather perform surgery than clip Chloe’s nails, and Richie talks

Ep. 59: El Salomons

From Comedians vs The News, it’s Eman El-Husseini and Jess Salomon. These married gals are mothers to the one and only Esther Honey El-Solomon. The ladies discuss why dogs should wear pants, Dr. Lisa ruins Honey’s origin story and Richie keeps it weird. Order Richie’s new album today. We Don’t

Ep. 58: Andrew Knapp

The Dog Dad and author extraordinaire of Find Momo, its Andrew Knapp! This is a hilarious conversation about murky childhood pet origins and having a dog that’s more famous than you are. Dr. Lisa talks about cognition in elderly dogs and Richie derails everything! Order Richie’s new album today. We Don’t

Ep. 57: Dr. Erin Masur

It’s our new best friend, Dr. Erin Masur AKA The Effin Alpaca Vet! Dr. Lisa and Richie visited an Alpaca and they are giddy as school kids. Dr. Erin teaches us ALL about ALPACAS! And pigs. We learned something very new about pigs. We Don’t Deserve Dogs is brought to

Ep. 56: Margo Oshry

She’s an IG/YouTube star, and host of The Snatchelor…it’s Margo Oshry! Hear all about her new obsession Magnolia! Dr. Lisa talks about dog dreams and Richie learns exactly what sloughing means. It’s not good. We Don’t Deserve Dogs is brought to you by NomNom. NomNom is a pet health company

Ep. 55: Taylor Wolfe

From The Daily Tay, it’s Instagram sensation Taylor Wolfe! She came to talk about her big ol’ Vizsla, Harlow, despite being SUPER pregnant. She and Dr. Lisa discuss introducing your dog to your baby. Richie reminisces about his college days. We Don’t Deserve Dogs is brought to you by NomNom.

Ep. 54: Lo VonRumpf

It’s celebrity stylist and dog dad Lo Von Rumpf! We learn all about his good boy Lil’ Dukie (Booty). AND he dishes on dressing Doug The Effin Pug for the red carpet! Dr. Lisa discusses what to do with the age old problem of a dog that won’t stop eating

Ep. 53: Sami Sage

Woah! It’s the co-founder of Betches and co-host of the podcast Sup, Sami Sage!!! She’s super smart, fun and a dedicated dog mom to Bruce Bader Ginsburg and we are HERE for it! We talk about what happens when your dog gets into “grown up stuff” and how to slow

Ep. 52: Mark Cushing

It’s the author of Pet Nation and founder of Animal Policy Group, Mark Cushing! Mark is a super smart and funny guy that knows EVERYTHING about the law on pet health. He tells us about buying a dog at an art gallery and he and Dr. Lisa discuss telemedicine. Richie was prepared

Ep. 51: Dr. Monica Tarantino

Dr. Monica is a badass businesswoman and phenomenal veterinarian. She started The Senior Dog Revolution. She and Dr. Lisa discuss compassionate care for dogs as they get sugary in the snout. Richie peer pressures Dr. Lisa into taking Chloe to the vet. We Don’t Deserve Dogs is brought to you

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