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Rod and Jessica Sanchez thought they had it all… A comfortable home, comfortable jobs, and a comfortable routine. The "American Dream" was theirs for the taking. But what if that dream didn’t turn out to be their dream? The more they worked, the less time they got to spend together. During their children’s most formative years, they’d be spending the majority of their time away from them. The more they thought about it, the less it made sense. Turns out, either they’re really impatient or they weren't made to live that kind of life to begin with. Because of this, they decided to sell everything, quit their jobs and travel the world as the Jetsetting Family.

What People Are Saying

“I’m so excited to follow the Jetsetting Family on their journeys. The tips, tricks, and reality of life when traveling with children is great info.”
- Apple Podcast user JTKUHN

“Travel though media, going interesting place and traveling with young children, make me feel less discouraged. Thank you for the inspiration and beautiful pictures and going to interesting places.”
- Apple Podcast user wowfactor1

“What a fun and down to earth family to follow on their travel adventures! Showing that it is possible to travel and thrive with young children!"
- McCulloughs

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