Promoting the idea that women are multi-faceted and can have a diverse set of interests; from business to The Bachelor.

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Okay Sis is a weekly podcast hosted by two sisters, Scout and Mady. Each week, they chat about their current fixations and invite a rad, female guest to join in on the sisterly banter. In the spirit of sororal energy, Scout and Mady touch upon everything and anything – self care, pop culture, business, mental health, books, lifestyle, personal development, skin care – and open up about their lives in a way that is both raw and silly. Okay Sis promotes the idea that women are multi-faceted and can have a diverse set of interests from spirituality to The Bachelor. This is why their guests come from all walks of life – entrepreneurs, authors, reality TV stars, content creators, activists, & more. Welcome to the sisterhood! Past guests include: Orion Carloto, Esther Povitsky, Lauryn Evarts Bosstick, Koya Webb, Kenzie Elizabeth, Jaci Marie, Chelsea Jade Curtis, Leah Thomas, Lauren Elizabeth, Cynthia Andrew, Minaa B, Sivan Ayla, Olivia Sui, Amanda Stanton, Cassie Randolph, Michelle Randolph, Dom Roberts and the female entrepreneurs behind brands like Dipsea, Comments by Celebs, The Good Trade, Be Social, The Mayfair Group, Brightland, Crown Affair, Seed, Set Active, DedCool, and Bala.


Meet Your Hosts

Co-host Scout is a self-identified emotional entrepreneur, founder of the female-focused PR agency, Scout’s Agency, and host of the SCOUT podcast where mental health and entrepreneurship intersect. She is also an upcoming author on the intersection of mental health and entrepreneurship, and believes that the emotional side of entrepreneurship is the key to success.

Scout is joined by her younger sister Mady who co-hosts the podcast with infectious energy. Mady is the co-creator of Camber, an app that works as a digital travel journal that allows you to curate experiences and activities through the trusted recommendations of people and brands that align with your taste. Mady also has a YouTube Channel, Mads’ World, and is a self-identified sweatsuit enthusiast, so you can say she keeps the duo up to date on the latest trends.

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