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Does the phrase “boss babe building her empire” make you want to hurl your body off a cliff? Is your preferred state actually vegetative in front of reality tv? Do you suckle at the teat of celebrity news like a hungry newborn calf? If so, you’ve found your gals. Every Wednesday, join sister duo Lauren and Chanler, as they issue the hottest takes they can give without getting #cancelled…like the oppressive societal expectation that in addition to paying our bills, we also have to have impressive hobbies, or that the fastest way to get to know a man is to look at his IG explore page. Tune in every Wednesday to Pop Apologists, critically acclaimed as “absolutely so embarrassing for our family” by their mom.

Meet Your Hosts

Chanler is living her best life as a single, career driven, unapologetic young woman copywriting for Facebook in the vibrant streets of San Francisco. She takes pride in her extensive skin care routine and perfectly curated playlists.

Co-host Lauren Bledsoe a passionate #FreeBritney advocate, is joined by her younger and equally basic sister and co-host Chanler. Lauren spends most of her time spoiling herself staycationing in Puerto Rico even though she lives around the corner. She runs her own online accounting business and is the brains behind the Pop Apologists operation.

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