Among other things, Matt and Arielle frequently get riled about pop culture, their dog Stinky, and Justin Bieber. Listeners get an inside look into their LA love story, and are treated to countless laughs along the way.

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Engaged couple Arielle Vandenberg and Matt Cutshall have hilarious off-the-cuff conversations about whatever happens to be going on in their lives, and their thoughts on whatever is happening in the world around them. This comedic duo have paved their ways in Hollywood and on your Instagram feed, and now you can hear what’s really going on in their crazy lives. Let’s get riled up! New episodes every Tuesday.

Meet Your Hosts

Arielle Vandenberg is a model and actress. She is most known for hosting the American version of Love Island. She has also appeared on various television shows including CSI: Miami and How I Met Your Mother. She had a massive following on Vine, and now keeps her fans laughing on Instagram and TikTok. Arielle lives in Los Angeles, California.

Matt Cutshall is a former boyband member of the group “It Boys.” He then turned his attention to Vine where he and Arielle took off from their outrageous and hilarious videos. He is also known for his popular “Emo’s Not Dead” video series and merch. He works in production houses and, despite the untimely demise of Vine, keeps his audience entertained with hilarious videos on various platforms. He lives in Los Angeles, California.

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