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Status tells the human stories that immigration impacts. Somebody might be in the US on an E-1, an H-1B, a J-2, or an F-1. They might be undocumented or they may have their green card. They might be moving to Canada for a job or to the UK to escape violence in their home country. In any case, every immigrant has a story. We tell those stories and how the complex reality of immigration weaves its way into the narrative. Status is produced by Matt Horton.

What People Are Saying

“This podcast contains really great content. It's illuminating to hear these stories and brings a new light to a subject that is already in a controversial spotlight. Excited to hear more!”
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“As is often the case with the best podcasts, Status tells the stories that you didn't know you needed but now cannot imagine not knowing.”
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“Telling the story of immigration of various people has been a learning experience, and it has encouraged me to be a voice for so many people in this country that are voiceless."
- Apple Podcast user SMcc76

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