Part 1: Navigating the NICU with Nurse Tori, BSN RNC-NIC

THE WOMED // Episodes // Part 1: Navigating the NICU with Nurse Tori, BSN RNC-NIC

Joining host D on The WoMed is NICU nurse, blogger and fellow podcaster Nurse Tori. Nurse Tori is using social media to “make healthcare hip, one tip at a time” through her blog Tips From Tori, as the host of the Cellfie Podcast, and on Instagram. D and Nurse Tori bond over their experiences working in the NICU from finding a sense of purpose in emotionally charged environments to their feelings about doulas and homebirths. Nurse Tori shares with D and listeners the interesting story of how she ended up as a NICU nurse and her advice for expecting mothers who are starting to think about their birth plans. D and Nurse Tori had so much to talk about that this episode has a part two – be sure to tune in next week! Get more of Nurse Tori on her blog Tips From Tori or listen to her host the Cellfie Podcast. Follow Nurse Tori on Instagram @nurse.tori_ . Be sure to subscribe, rate and review, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @TheWoMed! Remember to submit your weekly Nurse D Energy moments to D on Instagram – we love reading and sharing them! Thank you to our amazing sponsors! Check out these deals for our listeners: FRESHLY- Freshly is offering our listeners forty dollars off for their first two orders when you go to! FEETURES- You can receive $10 off your first pair of Feetures by going to and using code WOMED. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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