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No matter how tech savvy you are, your kids likely have you beat. Digital natives see the world in a fundamentally different way than all previous generations. This makes 21st century parenting an unprecedented challenge. Join Marc Groman, an Obama White House tech and privacy adviser, and David Reitman, an adolescent medical doctor, for candid discussions and helpful tips about screen time, social media, sexting, privacy, online gaming, and other challenges facing parents today. Marc and David aren’t just experts  – they’re also married, and raising a teenage son of their own.

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“Breaking technology’s hold on teenagers.”
– The Guardian

“Listen to this podcast about teens and technology.”
– Lifehacker

“The podcast is about parenting in the digital age, but takes a unique and entertaining approach to the topic.”
– Rainbow Families DC

Meet Your Hosts


Marc Groman is an internationally recognized expert in privacy, technology, and cyber security. His past roles include Senior Advisor for Privacy in the Obama White House, Chief Privacy Officer of the Federal Trade Commission, and President and CEO of the Network Advertising Initiative. His vision and innovative approaches to tackling privacy and tech issues during the Obama Administration earned him the International Association of Privacy Professionals’ 2017 Leadership Award. Marc does not shy away from controversy, having spent countless hours debating high profile and high-stakes issues around conference tables in the Pentagon, West Wing and White House Situation Room. But if you ask Marc, the most challenging privacy and security debates take place at his kitchen table, discussing screen time, inappropriate content, and gaming with his teenage son. Marc notes that members of the President’s Cabinet rarely argued, “But all the other Department Heads get to do it” or “That’s not fair!” When not consulting, serving on various boards, or teaching at Georgetown Law School, you’ll often find Marc explaining Snapchat, YouTube, smartphone privacy settings, and Fortnite to other dazed and confused parents.


Dr. David Reitman is a pediatrician. Not just any pediatrician; He is a board certified sub-specialist in adolescent medicine, meaning he just treats teens. Where? David is an associate professor in pediatrics and an attending adolescent medicine physician at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, DC. He is a well-known national lecturer on topics relating to adolescent health and college health such as teen substance abuse, mood disorders, and developmental problems. These days David spends a significant amount of time with his patients discussing safety and health issues related to Internet use. His uncanny ability to connect with awkward adolescents earned him the nicknames, “Teen Whisperer” and “Yoda for Teens.” He spends even more time discussing digital tech issues with his own teenage son, but connecting with him can be more challenging. In his practice, David also advises countless parents on how to raise their teenage children or address specific issues. He’ll be the first to tell you that in reality things never play out the way the medical textbooks say they should. And when it comes to the digital world issues, it’s often unchartered territory.

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