Ep. 75: Stage 4 Clinger

WE DON’T DESERVE DOGS // Episodes // Ep. 75: Stage 4 Clinger

From the incredible podcast Stage 4 Clinger, it’s Kate and Claudia Nicholls! Claudia is living with stage 4 breast cancer and her daughter Kate is helping her achieve her bucket list, plus Kate’s pitty Jolene is there along the way! Dr. Lisa talks leash aggression and Richie has questions about a dog sex farm. Order Richie’s new album today. We Don’t Deserve Dogs is brought to you by: Embark is the highest-rated dog DNA test, and provides you with the resources to provide you and your vet the best information to help tailor care to your dogs specific needs. Go to embarkvet.com to get free shipping and save $50 off your embark breed and health kit with promo code ‘WDDD’. We Don’t Deserve Dogs is produced by The Podglomerate. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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