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What if instead of being on the brink of disaster, we’re on the cusp of a better world? No one can deny the challenges the world faces, from pandemics to climate change to authoritarianism. But pessimism and despair are too easy a response. Each week, Progress Network Founder Zachary Karabell and Executive Director Emma Varvaloucas convene a diverse panel of experts to discuss the central issues of our era, including sustainability, polarization, work, and the economy, and make the case for a brighter future. They emerge from their conversations with a counterintuitive but informed take: progress is on its way.

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Zachary Karabell


Zachary Karabell is the founder of the Progress Network. He is an author, columnist, and investor and president of River Twice Capital. Previously, he was Head of Global Strategies at Envestnet, a publicly traded financial services firm. Prior to that, he was President of Fred Alger & Company. In addition, he ran the River Twice Fund from 2011–2013, an alternative fund that focused on sustainability. Educated at Columbia, Oxford and Harvard, where he received his PhD, Karabell has written widely on history, economics, and international relations. His most recent book is Inside Money: Brown Brothers Harriman and the American Way of Power, and he is also the author of eleven previous books, including Peace Be Upon You: The Story of Muslim, Christian and Jewish Coexistence and The Last Campaign: How Harry Truman Won the 1948 Presidential Election. He sits on the board of New America and PEN America.

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